In the next 12 months, an unprecedented number of LED Light Guide Panels will be introduced, sold, and installed across North America. Many of the products will:

  1. Come from unfamiliar companies
  2. Represent breakthroughs in LED technology
  3. Provide more conveniences and benefits than ever dreamed possible

Discover who LIGHTPANEL is and why we will be at the forefront.


At LIGHTPANEL, we specialize in providing well designed, highly efficient, super bright LED light guide panels. We believe in providing our customers with a professional consultative approach towards projects;

  • Prompt quotes
  • Fast and reliable lead times
  • Best in class total service and support

Because of this comprehensive care, you will always receive a perfect led light panel.


Made in the USA

Our strict in-house QC and QA procedures ensure consistent premium deliverables. Every time. By manufacturing and testing, all products in our Fallston, North Carolina facility, LIGHTPANEL maintains complete control over:

  • Product design and quality
  • Technical services
  • Post sales support

We Believe In Complete Service

Our technology is innovative and allows for maximum flexibility. 

  • Reliable technical recommendations
  • Integration and engineering support
  • Excellent delivery times

Laser Technology

The image of the laser machine on the right demonstrates how technology has advanced in just a few years. That machine exemplifies how LIGHTPANEL utilizes state of the art fabrication processes to manufacture a superior, better in design LED Light Guide Panel.

  • Laser cut acrylic for precise and polished led light panel shapes and sizes
  • Laser engraving enables for fully optimized diffusion patterns and designs
  • Using the laser, the average diffusion pattern takes only 50 seconds to make
  • Our proprietary ensures accurate and consistent quality
Laser Cut LED Light Panels

LED’s and Heat Management

We always use low energy TIER 1 ANSI Binned LEDs to manufacture a fully even lit, illuminated entirely LED Light Guide Panel. In addition we utilize a J-Chanel finish that provides superior thermal management.


Non-standard is the new standard. For specialized applications, we provide fully customizable led light panel solutions that can be manufactured:

  • Any shape or size
  • Any color temperature
  • Any specification up to 47” (1200mm) x 98.42” (2499mm) 


White Light Guide Panels


The Lightpanel Air Classic are super slim Light Guide Panels at ¼” in overall thickness, available in Cool White 6500K, come in 7 standard sizes, and ship as a ready to use system!

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RBG Light Guide Panels


The Lightpanel Air ColorWheel are a fully customizable series of color changing LED light panels offering lighting designers the ability to adjust colors to match your  Pantone.


CT Light Guide Panels


The Lightpanel Air Illuminate are fully customizable, ultra bright, super thin, and available in a wide variety of color temperatures; 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K.


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