The frameless appearance of silicone edge graphics or SEG frames can only be achieved when your fabric graphic fits perfectly inside your SEG frame. We will only need two measurements to ensure your fabric graphic is displayed as what we like to call drum tight. To measure your SEG Frame light box or frame properly, you will need a tape measure that measures both inches and millimeters and camera. Most people use the camera on their phone.

The first measurements you need to take are of your SEG frame or lightbox itself. You may be tempted to measure every channel or groove. But all we are going to need are the outermost dimensions of the SEG frame. Use the tape measure to determine the width in inches from side to side. 

As well as the height in inches from top to bottom. If the SEG frame you have was provided by LIGHTPANEL, there is no need for any more measurements other than the frame dimensions. If you do not purchase or SEG frame from LIGHTPANEL, you will need to measure the SEG frame channel to determine the exact beading size that your particular SEG frame will need.

The beating, sometimes referred to as the gasket is the silicone strip sewn into the edge of your graphic. The thickness of the outer channel is the measurement you need to take. The frame channel as the groove around the outer perimeter of the frame where the silicone beating is inserted into the SEG Frame. The thickness of the channel can vary depending on the SEG frame manufacturer. To access the SEG frame channel, pull a section of the graphic from the SEG frame.

At this point, you need to make sure that you’re using the MM side of the tape measure. Holding a tape measure straight across the channel at any point, take your camera and snap a picture of the SEG frame channel next to your measuring tape. To reiterate the measurement of the channel thickness should be taken with the millimeter side of your measuring tape, not the inches side. Now that you have both the outer frame dimensions and the frame channel thickness, you have everything you need to get you SEG Frame Graphic printed.

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