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In a crowded market place of signage option, it’s challenging to understand and stay on top of the newest signage products. After all of the hype and fancy marketing terms, all that one thing matters is how the new signage product can help your message stand out?

Everyone wants to use the most effective form of signage that is visually appealing, that gives them a competitive edge. The signage must be adaptive, customizable, and attention-grabbing. Well here where SEG frames come into this. 

What are SEG frames?

SEG stands for silicone edge graphics. These are striking, smooth, and modern. SEG graphics create for precise impressions and are printed in high definition resolutions. When mounted the final appearance is frameless, giving you a clean edge to edge visual of the graphic. SEG graphics are printed using a dye-sublimated printing process which leaves no white spaces in between pixels allowing for tight resolutions that are bold and vibrant.

So where does the frame come into this?

SEG frames are built from specially designed aluminum extrusions that feature a built-in channel for the silicone edge graphics. Along the edge of the fabric, a thin silicone strip is sewn directly into the fabric. This silicone strip neatly slides into the SEG frame channel. When mounted the graphic is securely mounted drum-tight in the SEG frame

How do graphics stand out using an SEG frame?

If you’re looking to create a stunning impression, turn on the LEDs. When illuminated the LEDs light-up behind the graphics. This adds that extra level of visibility and shine. Colors will beautifully come out to create a more life-like representation of the graphic. 

Mounted within the SEG frame is an ultra-thin LED light guide panel. The panel is laser cut and etched. This finish allows for the LED light to evenly travel throughout the panel. You will never experience hot spots or see shadows. 

What are the benefits of SEG graphics?

The SEG fabric itself is wrinkle free, glare-free, and be seen from any angle. Because dye-sublimation printing is used, you will get HD graphics vs. non HD when using vinyl printing. You will gain the vibrant colors of silk screening printing and the photo quality printing qualities of digital printing. The graphics are fade resistant and will stay sharp, vivid, and visually appealing for years.

Why should I choose SEG frames?

From the customers perspective, you’re going to want something that lasts forever while giving you flexibility when it comes to updating the graphics. Whenever you need to change the graphic, print out your new graphics and update the SEG frame. The LEDs last on average, 50,000 hours as well. This equates to 5+ years of ultra bright graphics without having to replace the LEDs. 

From a set-up and installation standpoint, SEG frames take minutes to set-up and do not require professional installers. The SEG frames are also lightweight and can be broken down and easily shipped at low costs. The SEG graphics can be folded up and easily shipped as well. 

What ways can I use SEG Frames?

Let’s start with sizes. SEG frames can be custom manufactured to any size. This allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to design options. Simple retail signs that can be mounted flush, large format wall signage, tradeshow signage, expo signage, and portable signage are all examples of how you can incorporate SEG frames into your signage strategy.


If your looking for a clean and modern form of signage SEG frame are the perfect solution. Graphics stand out and create a luxurious high-end appeal. From promoting new products to advertising, SEG frames will give you that extra edge needed to turn heads. 

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