If you’re looking for a dependable, LED snap frame lightbox to put your backlit graphic posters in, you will want to check out LIGHTPANELS laser cut and engraved LED snap frame series. So here’s what makes our LED edge lit snap frame lightbox one of our top three most popular products. But before we can into the details, let’s cover some basics details of our LED snap frame:

  • Features a super slim frame that measures only .78″ in-depth
  • The LED strips are Tier 1 rated and last on average 70,000 hours
  • For complete illumination, a laser cut and engraved light panel is used
  • You will experience zero shadows and hotspots

What makes edge-lit LED snap frames so bright?

First off, the edge-lit LED snap frame light box is powered with, of course, Tier 1 LED strips, which last longer and use significantly less electricity than fluorescent lamps. Also, they are break-resistant and durable. 

How thick is the actual LED snap frame?

Since the LED strips in our edge-lit LED snap frame are mounted along the edges of the display, we’re able to cut down the depth of the frame, making it much thinner than a conventional LED lightbox, that features direct-lit LED strips mounted behind the graphic. 

Is a LED snap frame easy to install?

For any product to be this popular. It has to be easy to use, right? Well, our edge-lit LED snap frame comes ready to mount, and you don’t need any tools to load the graphics. Just screw the lightbox to the wall, open this snap frame around the edges, put in your backlit graphics, add you’re clear lens over the film and close your snap frame, then plug in the power cord.

How do the LED strips mount to the snap frame?

Another reason why our LED snap frames are so popular is how the LED strips are mounted. Unlike the majority of the LED snap frame, our LED lightboxes utilize laser cut and engraved acrylic light guide panels. Mounted along the edge of the edge acrylic sheet are the LED strips. 

Across the surface of the acrylic, we laser-add a dot matrix pattern that helps the LED light rays to travel across the panel evenly. This not only makes the edge-lit snap frame brighter but ensures total illumination across the entire LED snap frame, eliminating hotspot and shadows.


When it comes down to it, not every edge-lit LED snap frame is made the same. From the types of LED strips used to how they are mounted, it comes down to how the LED snap frame is designed and manufactured.

If your looking for a cost-effective LED snap frame, then the brightness and how even the light is distributed may be at risk. Make sure you contact the manufacturer to learn more about the components they used to manufacturer and how the led snap frame was engineered. This feedback will help you better understand the quality.

6500k led light panel

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