You need to know about snap frames before you can look at light boxes. They look like oversized picture frames and can hold posters and large flyers. Snap frames are easy to set up because you don’t need special tools or hard-to-understand instructions. Instead, they have a four-rail frame that opens with a snap. This makes it easy to get rid of an old graphic and put a new one in its place.

The light box is put inside the frame to help customers and people walking by seeing the pictures and words better. There are different kinds of snap frame light boxes, and they all work slightly differently. Edge-lit light boxes, for instance, have light bulbs on the inside edges of the frame that shine light through the transparent film behind the poster to light it indirectly. On the other hand, backlit light boxes have bulbs all over the panel behind the graphic. This makes the frame’s light more even.

The power source is vital to the light box snap frame method. Some companies offer a plug-in power source for each frame, while others provide a significant, hard-wired power source that can power several frames simultaneously.

The Good & Bad Aspects of Snap Frame Light Boxes

Even though all snap frame light boxes are popular advertising tools, LED light boxes have quickly become one of the most wanted options. Because of the following benefits, the snap frame LED light box is the standard in many fields:

Simple graphic changing

Snap frame LED light boxes have easy-to-open snap edges. This makes putting a picture on the box easy and quick. Setting up a Snap frame is simple and takes no special skills. It will only take a few minutes for your staff to do it. These kinds of light boxes are great when they are used for advertising, promotions, or announcements. Snap frames are easy to use and can be put up in stores, hospitals, churches, and other places.

Energy efficient

Some research shows that LED lights are much more efficient than other light bulbs. For example, DOE research shows that LED lighting in homes uses at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting and can last up to 25 times longer. In addition, since most light boxes are on for several hours every day, seven days a week, using LEDs means less money is spent on running costs overall.

Safe to use

Other types of lighting pose some health risks that LEDs don’t have. For example, fluorescent light bulbs, the most common way to light signs for a long time, have small amounts of mercury. If this part breaks, it could not be suitable for the environment and maybe even for people. LEDs are better for the environment because they don’t have the same problems and give off less heat. 

Flexible and Custom

No matter what size picture you want to light up or what surface you want to put it on, you can find a light box that works for you. LED light boxes go one step further by letting users change the system’s colors, dimming levels, and special effects like flashing. Our light boxes are made when you order them and can be as big as 72 x 120 inches.

6500k led light panel

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