6 Benefits of LED Light Boxes

When it comes to finding the perfect solution for in-store advertising and communications, you need something practical, eye-catching, and easy to use. LED light boxes (AKA LED edgelit snap frames) have quickly become the industries go-to standard for being able to display posters, advertisements, and other graphics vividly. Use a lightbox to display any style graphic, glossy fliers, new product notices, upcoming sales, movie posters, and more. 

In short, a light box is a LED backlit frame, that is encased in an all-in-one aluminum frame. To change out the surface-mounted graphics snap open the front frames. Once changed, the backlit LED panel shines through and beautifully illuminates the graphics. This allows for the graphics to stand out and grab attention! 

Let’s now look at the top 6 benefits of LED light boxes.

1. Save energy

With lightboxes, LED’s are used for lighting; you will utilize significantly less electricity when compared to fluorescent lighting. Because lightboxes are used typically 5-7 days a week at minimum 10 hours a day, you will utilize a considerable amount of energy. When using a LED light box, you won’t have to worry about high energy operating costs.

2. Extended Life

Fluorescent lighting lasts on average 15,000 hours and LEDs typically last and consistently perform at 50,000 hours. This is almost 3X longer! This long life while reducing maintenance costs while eliminating the need to replace bulbs or tubes. Besides, LED light box frames are made using durable aluminum.

3. Reduced Emissions

Lowering energy use and carbon footprints has turned from a trend to everyday practice. When combining LED lighting with solar power, you are on the right path toward being an eco-friendly green business. Once certified, you will not only receive tax benefits in the USA but help to improve your reputation while saving money!

4. Sleek and Modern

Lightboxes can be made to fit any size and can be mounted flush to any surface. The depth comes in at only .76,” giving the install a clean finish. In addition to being used for advertising, many customers are now using lightboxes for decorative signage due to the elegant illumination of graphics.

5. Safety 

For years fluorescent lighting was the primary lighting used for signage. Since the release of LED’s, fluorescent tubes have become old technologies due to significant health-related hazards. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury and other toxic metal. When it came to disposal, the fluorescent tubes contaminated the environment. With lightboxes, LEDs are used. They last longer, emit less heat and reduce the overall waste load when being disposed of.

6. Control

With LED lightboxes, you can add dimmable control systems. These systems you to dim the lighting up to 10% of the light output. Also, color, effects can be added, such as strobes lights and can customize the color output. This feature allows you to add that extra visual appeal to your graphic.

6500k led light panel

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