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As a result of LED light sheets adaptability, the lighting industry has undergone a sea change. These sheets have been custom-sized for your bed. In addition, the sheet’s cut lines go in both directions, making removing even the most complicated patterns simple.

Connecting LEDs to sheets of flexible material allows for the illumination of more significant regions. In addition, these sheets feature embedded LEDs that generate plentiful light without sacrificing the sheets’ ultra-thinness, lightweight, or flexibility.



Specifications for LED light sheets

Because of their low weight, portability, and pliability, LED light sheets can be easily shaped and cut to fit any need. This makes them perfect for illuminating tall, slanted, or otherwise unusual objects. Because it is plug-and-play, it is also less expensive and simpler to set up than alternative systems.

These LED sheets can be used for various applications due to their RGB and white temperature customization capabilities. To make up for the absence of overhead lighting, you could, for instance, employ imaginative window displays, advertisements, ornamental lighting, and lightboxes.

  • Consistent light of up to 12,000 lumens can be spread throughout the light sheet for maximum efficiency
  • The LED sheets are so malleable, simple, and versatile that they may be formed into virtually any shape
  • Electrical wiring and plugging may be done quickly and easily thanks to slot-in and push-fit connections
  • Over 50,000 hours of use is the typical lifespan
  • Great for illuminating signs, cabinets, forms, and logos


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Adaptable to Your Needs

Flexible LED light sheets can be molded to serve various functions, from signs and backlighting to trade fair displays and presentation backdrops to OEM applications (OEM). Our connectors also allow you to connect and power up to three black-and-white sheets or two color-variable sheets from a single power source, with no soldering required.


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Simple to Customize

To get the right size cuts, follow the on-sheet guidelines. The fabric may be folded over corners, columns, and other obstacles.

Selective removal of diodes can create patterns on exceedingly thin, flexible, and light sheets.

In addition, there are RGB/W lights that can be toggled between a wide range of colors, white lights that can be modified in the temperature range from cool to warm, and white lights that can be altered from any of the other colors.

Installation is simple thanks to the included double-sided tape. In addition, the sheet’s LEDs are separated by significant gaps to accommodate nails or screws.

Its high specs and versatility make it an excellent modular lighting solution for designers and manufacturers working on various projects.


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Uses for Flexible LED Light Sheets

Ultrathin and bendable light-emitting diode (LED) light sheets have many applications. They are used in various contexts, such as signs, backlighting, trade exhibitions, displays, panels, and OEMs (OEM).

You can use the supplied cut lines in either direction to trim these pages to size. They are flexible and simple to fold into a corner or wrap around a cylinder. The double-sided tape on the back allows assembly without additional hardware. There is also enough room between each LED on the sheet to use conventional fasteners like screws and nails.

LED sheets are thin and bendable, making them ideal for lighting oddly shaped rooms. These bendable LED sheets allow for the creation of intricate designs. Cut lines are on both sides of the sheet to make eradicating mistakes a breeze. With our adapters, you can easily link many LED sheets together without having to solder the connections.

Because of the wide range of customization available in terms of color temperature, intensity, and white color, these LED sheets provide a lot of potential applications. Because of this, it creates one-of-a-kind answers to complex lighting problems for various applications, from decorative accessories and lightboxes to retail signage and displays.

LED sheets can be shaped in various ways, dimmed, and cut into smaller pieces, making them versatile. They are simple to put up and take down because they come with removable 3M adhesive strips. The wiring and power adapters are easily installed because they click into place.