LED-lit snap frames will make any big poster display stand out! If you want to make a good presentation, snap open the lightbox and swap the pictures. Each light fixture has a protective lens that snaps together to keep the poster dry and free of dust. 

Depending on how your graphics are made, LED snap frames can be hung vertically or horizontally on the wall. This energy-saving light box is a stylish and helpful way to advertise at events like conventions, restaurants, and theaters.

Snap & Go Easy Graphic Updates

Adding light to your graphic designs and ads makes them more effective and popular. People often use slim light boxes for branding, menus, and special sales. Because they are so small, poster LED light boxes are suitable for places with a lot of foot traffic but not much wall space (less than 1 inch deep). In addition, the snap edge frame will ensure that the backlit graphic inserts do not move. 

The snap-open/snap-close mechanism makes it easy to change the visuals. For example, to change posters, “snap” open the corners of the poster frame, slide out the old one, and slide in the new one. The lightbox can be hung both horizontally and vertically in several different ways. Using the included remote control, it’s easy to change the light level. In addition, we make custom-printed transparencies that can be used to light up your printed pictures.

Backlight Graphics using LED Snap Frames

Before you send in your artwork for Backlit Graphics (sold separately), you should double-check it for mistakes since we print at a high resolution on a film to make it look like a photo. Therefore, you should only use high-resolution images, vector logos, and clear fonts when designing. Best are colors that are very different from each other, and lighter colors stand out most when paired with darker ones. 

Remember that the colors will change and get lighter when exposed to light, and choose colors that are entirely opaque to keep them from fading too quickly. If you have to print your insert, we suggest using high-quality backlit material and laminating it to protect the design from moisture and sunlight if the insert will be displayed in a window. Again, we have professional graphic designers to ensure you have the best visual presentation possible.

The Efficiency of LED Snap Frame Light Boxes

Compared to fluorescent bulbs, LEDs use up to 75% less energy and last ten times longer. In addition, LED lighting is good for the environment because it uses low voltages to make a good lightbox effect. Lightboxes can be used for business or personal advertising and meet ADA requirements. 

The energy-saving LED light box displays use the latest LED lighting technology. This means that they last a long time and use little power. As a result, LEDs are a fantastic low-voltage lighting option that is also great for the environment.

6500k led light panel

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