Easy to use, effective, and impactful are just some of the characteristics that describe LED light boxes AKA snap frames or LED edge lit snap frames From being able to quickly swap out graphics to vividly displaying your posters and advertisements, you can use edge-lit LED light boxes to promote your printed messages and promotional information vividly. Because light boxes are so easy to use and available in virtually any size, they are one of the most popular and effective forms of signage.

Benefits of LED light boxes include:

  • Adaptable: less than 1″ in-depth and available in both standard and custom sizes
  • Long life: the LED’s used last on average for 50,000 hours
  • Eye-catching: the illumination makes your graphics pop-out, grabbing attention
  • Enduring: LED’s are shock resistant and won’t flicker if bumped into
  • Flexible: the LED’s are available in multiple colors with distinctive fading and changing effects 
  • Eco-friendly: mercury-free and low power usage equating to reduced carbon outputs

An easy and effective solution for on-premise advertising

One of the essential reasons LED light boxes are so popular is the ease of changing out your graphics. Using a LED light box, you won’t ever have to worry about using tape, glue, or tools to update your graphics. Unsnap the frame and swap out your content. Once changed, snap-close the frame, and you’re done. The lightboxes its self can be surface mounted flush to any surface in either landscape or portrait orientations.

This ease of use will allow you to fully control and total flexibility when it comes to updating your organization’s in-store promotions and customer communications. All that you need to do is print out your new poster and insert it into the lightbox. You won’t have to purchase a new LED light box, but rather print out a new graphics and update it. This will save you time while reducing your in-store advertising costs.

Now imagine the possibilities. Weekly promotions, upcoming sales, advertising new products, announcing new loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and price changes are all examples of items that you can display using a LED snap frame light box. The options of content that you can display are unlimited.

The best way to ensure your advertisements are seen

One of the most popular advantages of using a lightbox is the ability to change out your graphics. Within seconds you swap out the content by simply snapping open the front aluminum frame. Because the structure is built with sturdy aluminum, the LED light box will years in a commercial setting. 

Built into the lightboxes frame is an ultra-thin LED light guide panel that is laser cut and etched. The led light panel is made from optical grade acrylic then edge-lit with ultra-bright Tier 1 LED’s. When lit-up the LEDs evenly light up the panel. This creates a glowing light panel that beautifully illuminates the graphics that inserted into the lightbox.

Optimize your communications strategy

Maximize the way you reach and interact with customers and employees using light boxes. Because LED light boxes are lightweight and easy to mount the locations in which LED lightboxes can be used are limitless. From installing LED light boxes in high traffic customer locations to areas in which customers congregate, you can strategically add LED light boxes in the perfect spaces to ensure your messages are seen. 

LED light boxes come in a variety of sizes and can also be custom made. From a depth standpoint, lightboxes are less than 1″ in-depth, making them perfect environments looking for a modern and sleek solution for in-store advertising.

6500k led light panel

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