LED Light Guide Panels are made from optical grade PMMA acrylic sheets with LED strips mounted on the edge of the acrylic. The dot grid pattern that is on top of the acrylic panel helps evenly distribute the light. Click here to Learn More

Unlike competitors, LIGHTPANEL is the only US-based manufacturer that utilizes World Class dotting laser machines and proprietary software to create fully enhanced dot grid patterns. These patterns act as “channels” helping to distribute the spread light evenly.

Our proprietary software enables us to have full targeted control over the exact pattern size, space, dot depth and shape of every One light channel pattern.

Using our software and laser, we first create an arrangement of precise dot grid patterns that are laser etched towards the edge of the panel closer to the led strips. As you move further away from the light source, the dot pattern gradually becomes narrowly spaced when farther away to the edge of the panel.  Click here to Learn More

We provide complete power that includes a power supply, one 120″ black AC cord, one 39.37″ white DC IP54 cord. Components shipped separately, assembly required.

Yes, Some options to control the panels include; 0-10V Dimming, DMX/DALI for our Color Changing Products, and our power supplies are compatible with most if not all control systems. View Color Tuning Light Guide Panels

The LEDs last at minimum 70,000 hours. The technology has a very low power usage and emits very little heat which allows our LEDs to last a minimum of 70,000 hours. This equals to at 24/7 usage 5.7 years, at 12 hours per day 11.4 years, and at 6 hours a day 22.8 years.

Even though our products are custom made our typical lead times are 1-2 weeks.

Yes, we have a variety of options regarding sample. Order A Sample

LIGHTPANEL utilizes laser machines for ultra-fast and precise cutting. This enables the LED light to shine through the edge of the panel with minimal distortion.

Because of this highly efficient cutting process, we can guarantee you maximum accuracy, outstanding reproducibility and a consistently brighter LED Light Panel. Click here to Learn More

With the Lightpanel Air ColorWheel and Lightpanel Illuminate, you can customize the size, shape, cut outs, pre-drilled holes, power exit location, power cord length, power connectors, dimming, and more.

With the Lightpanel Air ColorWheel and Lightpanel Illuminate, you can select the acrylic thickness.. We support the acrylic thickness of .117” (4.5mm), 0.236” (6mm), and 0.354” (9mm).

On average, production is 5-10 business days after the PO is submitted to LIGHTPANEL.

A diffusion film is used when the material being backlit is relatively translucent or has any areas you can see through.  

By keeping design, engineering, and manufacturing here in the USA, we maintain full control over product quality is ensuring a premium finished product. Click here to Learn More

We suggest if needed, holes be drilled during the manufacturing process. If drilled after delivery of the panel, the warranty will be voided.

Yes. From design to retrofits we’re here to help you with any application.  Click Here To Request Assistance