Total Clarity 

96% optical clarity rating for total translucency


Thermal, weather, scratch, and impact resistant


Easier installation of LGP and reduced shipping costs

UV Tolerant

Immune to UV-light contamination for constant clearness


Can but cut in to any shape allowing for innovative designs

Lightpanel uses ranks #1 in transparency among all optical grade acrylics

Every Lightpanel AIR begins with a PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) acrylic sheet of 96% optical clarity. This kind of acrylic has better light transmission characteristics than many kinds of glass.

  • Allows for total LED illumination 
  • Can be cut into any shape
  • The acrylic will not get yellow
  • Aids to the overall brightness 

Always Translucent

Because of this high light transparency, the Lightpanel AIR LED light rays are evenly dispersed throughout the entire LED light panel. This enables a total luminous transmittance while eliminating outside UV light emissions.

Enhanced light diffusion film (Optional)

Because LED’s tend to create “hot spots” of focused light that can detract from the visual impact of a LED light panel, Lightpanel offers a special grade of thin diffusion film that has been carefully engineered to diffuse LED hot spots without sacrificing light projection or illumination.

The AIR Shield adds an extra level of light efficiency (Optional)

The AIR Shield is a scientifically formulated highly reflective thin sheet that is directly applied to the back of the acrylic panel. Once added the AIR Shield enhances brightness by helping to distribute all light evenly.


White LED Light Panel


The Lightpanel AIR Classic are super slim LED Light Panels at ¼” in overall thickness, available in Cool White 6500K, come in 7 standard sizes, and ship as a ready to use system!

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RGB LED Light Guide Panel

RBG LED Light Panels


The Lightpanel AIR ColorWheel are a fully customizable series of color changing LED light panels offering lighting designers the ability to adjust colors to match your Pantone.

CT LED Light Guide Panels

CT LED Light Panels

Tunable White

The Lightpanel AIR Tunable White are customizable LED light panels that are ultra bright, super thin, and available 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K color temperatures.


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