LED lighting has swiftly taken over the lighting industry because the pricing is lower and efficiency is superior. LED lighting is the go-to solution for lighting designers that are looking to create an impactful experience that is immersive and engaging.

LGP’s are today’s most popular and effective form of LED lighting is the LED light panel. The advantages of a LED light panel are virtually unlimited and the reasons why LED light panels are better are unsurpassed.

So what is a LED light panel?

A LED light panel is a series of combined components (PMMA acrylic, LED strips, a light diffusion film, and reflector) that when finished provides a totally even lit panel of light. LED light panels are available in essentially any color; tunable white, cool white, and RGB (any color).

Advantages of using LED light panels

From total custom design options to delivering impactful eye-catching lighting solution the benefits of LED light panels include:

  • Offer high levels of controllable brightness
  • Transmits a totally even spread of light across the panel
  • Available in cool, natural, and warm white colors + any color RGB
  • The power cable exit can be inserted at any edge of the LED light panel
  • Male-female power barrel connections from the light panel and power supply
  • Supports either 12v or 24v
  • IP67 PSU are available for outdoor environments

Ways you can use a LED light panel

Because a LED light panel can be tailored to fit your exact requirements the applications are virtually unlimited. The size, brightness, color temperature, and thickness can all be specified by you to match your signage needs.

Popular ways LED light panels are being used include:

Longer life-span

LEDs on average last between 50,000 – 70,000 hours. Now with a LED light panel, you must make sure the proper heat sinking technology is utilized. Because LEDs heat up, it is important that there is enough space and or a mechanism incorporated into the LED light panel to dissipate the heat.  

Many LED light panel manufacturers embed LED strips directly into the LGP acrylic but the set-up does not offer enough space for cooling the LEDs and can even increase the temperatures thus reducing the LED light panels life.

Other companies utilize an aluminum J-channel for mounting the LED strips to the side of the LED light panel. The J-Channel acts helps dissipate the heat from the LEDs while adding an extra layer of protection to LEDs that are shining through the edge of the LED light panel.

Brighter and Even-Lit

Because the primary purpose of a LED light panel is to evenly distribute light it is vital that the technology used to manufacture the LED light panels is best in class. Let’s now look at the technology behind creating a LED light panel.

To start, the acrylic used for the LED light panels must be PMMA optical grade. This is the grade in translucency and they come in some of the thinnest sizes of only ¼”. This clarity allows for total shine through of the LED strips.

When it comes to cutting the acrylic many companies use sawing and miling to cut the acrylic. This leaves the edges rough and not fully translucent preventing the LEDs to fully shine through. For a clean cut acrylic, it is best to use laser machines. This technology leaves a polished finish plus is fast and always accurate.

Curtain of Light

For light distribution, many companies use screen printing or routers to create grooves or pattern matrix. When the light shines through the edge of the LED light panel it travels from edge to edge through the grooves. Now with routing and screen printing, you are limited when it comes to the optimization of these patterns.

Using a laser engraving machine wefull control over the LED light panels pattern, depth, and size. Plus using a computer you can easily and quickly input your dot matrix engraving and have the machine do the rest. This eliminates the room for human error while speeding up overall production times.

About Lightpanel (USA) Inc

At Lightpanel we offer the required technology and engineering design needed to manufacture reliable, high performing LED light panels. We provide complete technical support when it comes to the design, engineering, and production of LGPs. We work with every customer on the selection and specification of color temperatures, acrylic thicknesses and LED strip types used for LED light panels.

From standard light panels to custom OEM projects we offer wholesale pricing, no MOQ, and fast lead times. In addition, we provide quick replies to customer questions and prompt quotes. Because your repeat business is important to us we make sure every order foresees strict Q&C before it ships.

It’s simple.

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