Lightpanel (USA) Inc today released a new series of German designed, LED light panels that deliver maximum light exposure while maintaining homogeneous light distribution. Manufactured using advanced laser technologies, Lightpanels LGP’s can be custom cut and designed to any shape and size.

Coming in at only ¼” thin the AIR series is available in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K, RGB, and RGB+W color temperatures.

Lightpanel (USA) is the only US manufacturer that uses laser machines and proprietary software to create fully enhanced dot-matrix patterns,” said Andreas Weyer, Managing Director. “Our technology allows us to consistently manufacture high-end LED light panels that create a beautiful curtain of light. All of our LGP’s ship within 14 days and we perform a detailed QC process to ensure quality before all of our products ships.”

State of the art technologies

As opposed to competitors, Lightpanel uses laser machines for ultra-fast precise cutting, for versatile any size and shape designs. This laser cut acrylic edge enables for the Tier 1 ANSI Binned LED’s to shine through the light guide panels. Once cut, a laser dot matrix laser engraved across the acrylics surface. This laser engraving allows Lightpanel (USA) Inc to create a fully optimized dot-matrix that has full control over the pattern style, spacing, size, and dot depth.

  • Versatile: can meticulously cut any shape or size and engrave any pattern
  • Proprietary: special LGP laser software for optimized dot-matrix patterns
  • Dependable: integrated automated digital control production processing and QC
  • Precise: pinpoint accuracy that is 10X faster then Sawing and Silk Screening
  • Contactless Cutting: leaves transparent polished edges for total LED to shine through
  • Grid Vacuum: eliminates all chipping, dust, and fumes for zero contamination

About Lightpanel (USA) Inc

Lightpanel (USA) Inc specializes in providing well designed, highly efficient, super bright LED light guide panels. All products ship from St. Francis, WI. We believe in providing our customers with a professional consultative approach towards projects;