When designing a new LED lighting solution for your healthcare facility it is important to carefully address each room with care. By implementing LED lighting for healthcare you can create the perfect lighting conditions for hallways, waiting areas, entrances, and other rooms.

Let’s now look at 4 reasons why and how LED light panels can be used for healthcare.

1. Creating a warm environment

In medical buildings, the area needs to be pleasant and easily visible. Because low light quality, direct sunlight, and glare can often be upsetting and unwelcomed it is important that the lighting conditions are even and fully illuminated. Using LED light panels you can provide a soft to warm backlighting color that can:

  • Improve patient experiences
  • Advance staff productivity
  • Decrease patient tension
  • Offer totally even-lit rooms

2. Improves Moods

The slightest lighting adjustment can have a direct effect on patients, visitors, and staff.  A room that is to bright can create eyestrain that lifts stress levels while rooms that are poorly lit can stimulate hormones creating sorrow, grief and even depression. If the lighting is poor headaches can occur, energy can quickly drain and the overall mood can be affected.

Since the release of LED lighting, studies concluded that when exposed to prolonged periods of light transmitted from LED lighting the moods of individuals were significantly improved. While hospitalized or working long 12 hours shifts you are under direct exposure to long periods of lighting.

Using LED light panels you can provide daylight to warm color temperatures that offer total room illumination that is evenly distributed thus improving staff productivity and enhancing the patient’s state of mind.

3. Daylight Cycles

Our daily schedules and sleep patterns have been created around daylight patterns. Still, the majority of medical facilities don’t have access to daylight and are vaguely lit. To solve this problem tunable white LED light panels can be used to fine-tune the brightness also called color temperature.

  • LED light panels offer a full spectrum of adjustable lighting color temperature
  • LEDs instantly turn on and require no warm-up time
  • Contain no mercury and no hazardous materials
  • LED light panels are ultra thin and can be cut to fit any size and shape
  • Produce little to no excess heat

Using LED light guide panels you can also pre-schedule the LGP panel to adjust its brightness to match the daylight of that time. For example, for mid-morning-afternoon the light panels color temperature can be set to cool temperatures. As the afternoon to mid-evening approaches the led panels color can be adjusted to warm color temperatures.

4. Energy Savings

If your medical facility is using fluorescent lighting and switch to LED lighting you can see up to a 50% saving in wattage usage and an 80% savings when using LED lighting controls. You will still experience the same degree of brightness while operating at a significantly less wattage level.

In addition, you will experience an average life of 70,000 hours of usage from LED lighting. This longer LED life decreases your maintenance costs while saving you up to 65% in a reduction of electricity costs.

LED light panels are one of the most flexible forms of LED lighting for healthcare. From general ceiling lighting to adding hallway accent lighting you can use LED light panels as a principal element of healthcare LED lighting solution.


What is a LED Light Panel?

A LED Light Panel consists of a thin sheet of acrylic that is laser cut to a desired size and shape. Along the edge LED strips are attached using a J-Channel. The J-Channel protects the LEDs while acting as a heat sink, extending the LED life.  To evenly distribute the light an optimized dot matrix is applied to the acrylic surface. This matrix allows for the LED light to travel across the light panel. LED light panels can be used for ceiling lighting, accent lighting, and hallway lighting.


About Lightpanel (USA) Inc

Lightpanel is US based manufacturer of custom LED light panels. Using laser technologies and Tier 1 ANSI binned LEDs, Lightpanel designs and fabricates LED light panels to any color specification; tunable white, RGB, and RGB+W.

For more information or to request a sample please email: info@lightpanel.us