LED light panels are one of today’s most popular forms of LED lighting. Common uses of LED light panels include retail LED lighting and POP LED displays. Even though LED light panels are a relatively new form of technology, they have quickly become the industries go-to solution for classy illumination.

Reasons why LGP’s have become so popular include:

  • Significant savings in power consumption
  • Provide a modern and new form of accent lighting
  • Are ultra bright and even-lit
  • Easy installation

An Introduction to LED Light Panels

The manufacturing process of LED light panels is relatively easy when using the correct technologies. LED light panels consist of slim, transparent acrylic sheets that have LED strips mounted along the edges. On the surface of the led acrylic panel is a dot matrix pattern that is laser engraved across the surface.

This engraved pattern serves as a road or channel, helping the LED light to evenly travel across the light guide panel. LED light panels are available in a multitude of colors including White, RGB, and Tunable White.

5 Benefits of Light Panels

LED light panels can be custom designed and cut to fit the specifications of any application. Because LED light panels utilize LED strip lights the led panels are highly energy efficient and do not experience high temperatures.

To avoid overheating, an aluminum J-channel is utilized as a heat sink to absorb excess heat. In addition, LED strip lights to offer 50,000 hours of usage. This combination of long life and energy efficiency add up to long term cost savings.

1. Color Variations

LED light panels are available in virtually any color (AKA “temperature”. From a warm yellowish white to a daylight white that is crisp and sharp LED light panels to be tuned to fit compliment or match your desired lighting requirements.

If you’re looking to add some color, LED light panels are also available in any color to match a colors Pantone. Lighting timers or dimmers can also be used which allow full control.

2. Flexible Design Options

Because LED light guide panels are ultra slim at only .17” and can be laser cut to any shape, LED light guide panels are the perfect solution for LED lighting environment. Walls, floors, backsplash LED accent lighting, and backlit bar lighting usually supports minimal room for adding a light source.

To light up these areas LED light guide panels are ideal. In addition, the J-channel frame that is used is lightweight allowing for easy installation while successfully sealing in all of the light. This helps the light to evenly spread across the entire LED light panel creating a totally evenly-lit light panel.

3. Energy Efficient

In comparison to incandescent or CFL lighting, LED light panels on average utilize half the amount of watts used per lumen generated. When comparing LED lights with incandescent bulbs you are looking at 1/10 the less in wattage used. Simply put, this significant reduction in energy used adds up to remarkable cost saving.

4. Longer Life

The base material of LED light panels is optical acrylic. This offers extreme durability, is virtually indestructible, and is resistant to the majority of chemicals. In addition, acrylic light panels can easily withstand sunlight, severe temperatures, and humidity while maintaining its transparency.

In comparison to glass, acrylic light panels weight half the weight in comparison to glass, acrylic light panels are typically half the weight, thus saving money on shipping costs. When looking at the LED strips, the LED light panel illumination life on average lasts for 50,000 hours. At 8 hours a day of usage, your looking at 17+ years of usage.

Because light panels are usually installed in hard to reach areas this long life and minimal maintenance make light panels a highly efficient solution for LED lighting.

5. Say Goodbye Fluorescent

Traditionally fluorescent tubes have been the go-to solution for lighting. Since the release of light panels, fluorescent lighting has quickly been outdated and replaced with LED light panels. Fluorescent lighting is not energy efficient and contains harmful mercury. This damaging pollutant can create serious health problems and very hard to remove from landfills. In addition, fluorescent bulbs only have an average cycle of 10,000 hours.

About Lightpanel (USA) Inc

At Lightpanel we manufacture custom LED light panels. From the laser engraving and cutting to the optical grade acrylic we only utilize the best. This dedication to details and processes allow us to create ultra bright and totally even-lit light panels.

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