LIGHTPANEL (USA) Inc., a US-based LED Lighting manufacturer, today announced it received UL48 listed and UL879 recognized certification of compliance for their laser cut and custom laser dotted line of UL Listed Light Guide Panels. The US-made series of German designed LED Light Guide Panels deliver maximum light exposure while sustaining homogeneous light distribution.

Becoming UL certified is a direct testament to the high quality of our LED light guide panels. We are now happy to say that all of our LGP’s additionally meet North America’s highest electrical standards for power and safety.

Said Andreas Weyer, Managing Director of LIGHTPANEL (USA) Inc.


LIGHTPANEL AIR-series are energy-efficient and state-of-the-art UL Listed LED Light Guide Panels that can be used to create stunning displays and lighting backdrops for retail, POP display, signage, architectural, display and industrial environments.

  • Flexible color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K, RGB, RGB+W, and CCT changeable
  • Custom sizes: up to 48″ x 96″ (106″) 
  • Thin and sleek: acrylic thickness are available in 0.118″, 0.178″, 0.236″, 0.354″ sizes
  • Maximum light exposure: fully transparent grade-A optical acrylic 
  • Superior LED clarity: laser cut panels create a precise, polished edge for better light entry
  • Homogenous light distribution: laser dotting technology guarantees optimal light distribution
  • Flexible power cable exit options: from corner exit or the middle to rear of the panel
  • 24V DC: standard power (12V DC available upon request)
  • Fast turn around: 1 (hundreds) to 4 weeks (thousands) for mass production lead times
  • Samples: most often next day delivery!

Advantages of LIGHTPANEL (USA) Inc. Laser Technology

By laser cutting, the edge of the acrylic panel is left with an ultra-clear finish that allows the full LED light entry. It allows not only custom sizes but custom shapes as well. Once cut, a custom calculated laser dot matrix is engraved across the surface. This technology ensures very high efficiency and a very homogeneous light distribution over the whole. 


LIGHTPANEL (USA) Inc. specializes in providing well designed, highly efficient, super-bright and fully customized UL listed LED Light Guide Panels. All products ship from St. Francis, WI. We believe in providing our customers with a professional consultative approach for projects: