In a crowded world of low-priced LED light guide panel manufactures, it is hard to know what is quality. All too often, the images on websites and brochures have been enhanced with PhotoShop, and the product descriptions sound amazing. But really how do we know that the actual LED light panel is bright or well-designed as described? Well, in truth, you won’t know until you see the product for your self.

With that being said, we’d like to show you a quick video:


In the video above, you will see a 6,500 lb truck drive over a 4″ x 6′ LED light guide panel. Amazingly the LED light panel remains perfectly intact and 100% illuminated.

The LED light panel in the video is one of LightPanel’s standard products The Lightpanel AIR Tunable White.

The demonstration in the video is a perfect example of:


It’s easy. Seeing is believing. Order your self a free sample today and see the quality for your self.


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