Depending on what you like, a snap frame’s light box can be edge-lit or backlit. Both options make posters and other advertising graphics stand out, but they do it in different ways. For example, the light from backlit light boxes is spread more evenly. If your company has never used backlit snap frame display boxes before, it may be missing out on a simple but effective way to market. Learn everything you can about backlit light snap frame boxes and how they can help you.


Why does the light shine from behind the snap frames lightbox?

A backlit lighting system comprises a panel with lights across it. This panel goes behind the picture in a frame or display case, with the lights facing the picture. Unlike edge-lit light boxes, which shine light into the artwork from the edges of the frame, this design makes them stand out.

Because they have more lights, backlit snap frame light boxes are better for large posters and pictures than edge-lit light boxes. As a bonus, they make outdoor ads stand out more to people walking by.



Why is using backlit snap frame light boxes a good idea?

Backlit light boxes are used in many industries because they have many benefits for making effective print ads. For example, one type of outdoor advertising is backlit LED signs on the wall outside a store’s entrance. Backlit frames inside a movie theater let people know about upcoming showings. Backlit light boxes are helpful in many ways, regardless of their use.


Getting more exposure

In general, people are more interested in warmer, brighter colors and less interested in cooler, darker ones. So, the more colorful the sign, the more likely it is to get people’s attention. Suppose you strategically place backlit light boxes in your business or facility. In that case, you can improve your customer’s shopping experience by making it easier for them to get information on demand, especially in high-traffic areas or when they are out in the parking lot.


Enhanced graphic illumination

Since the light comes from the sides, the images in the middle of edge-lit light boxes often need to be brighter. In addition, since the bulbs are spread across the whole panel, backlit light boxes have more even lighting all over the frame. This change makes it easier for customers to read the graphic text and helps keep the design looking good.


Image sharpness and coloring

If you use a high-quality printer to print your graphics and then put them in frames that don’t have enough light, some of the details that make the ad stand out could be lost. Backlit frames give off more light, making the image’s colors and contrast stand out more and drawing more buyers’ attention.


Better Conversations About Customer Service

Businesses can reach out to customers as they shop or look around the store using backlit snap frame light boxes. For example, a backlit snap frame could be put in the right part of the store to show customers where to find a specific item on sale. In addition, backlit snap frame lightboxes can draw attention to other departments and point customers toward the help they need. They can also draw attention to various items and services that go well together.


Only some jobs call for the use of backlit snap frame light boxes

But only some projects or applications are a good fit for how this technology works. First of all, backlit light boxes have a different slim profile than edge-lit light boxes because they need more space for diffusion. They need between 2 and 4 inches of space behind the design.

Backlit light boxes are more expensive to buy and take care of. Costs will go up because backlit snap frame frames need more bulbs. However, they serve a useful purpose by spreading the light more evenly, making your ads easier to read, and, hopefully, boosting your sales. Therefore, backlit snap frame light boxes may be a good investment, even though they cost more to make at first.


LightPanel USA is the place to go for high-quality backlit snap frame displays

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