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What are flexible LED light sheets?

Because LED light sheets are thin, light, and flexible, they are easy to bend and cut to fit any need. This makes them great for lighting tall, slanted, or otherwise different lighting. In addition, LED sheets cost less than other systems and are easier to set up because you plug them in, and it works.

These LED sheets can be used for many things because they can be changed in terms of RGB and white temperature. For example, you could use creative window displays, ads, decorative lighting, light boxes, and other things to compensate for the lack of overhead lighting.

  • Light of up to 12,000 lumens can be spread out evenly on the light sheet to get the most out of it
  • The LED sheets are so easy to use and flexible that you can bend them into almost any shape
  • Slot-in and push-fit connections make wiring and plugging in an electric circuit easy and quick
  • Most of them can be used for more than 50,000 hours
  • Excellent for lighting up signs, cabinets, forms, and logos


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Flexible LED light sheets can be shaped to serve many purposes, like signs and backlighting, trade show displays and presentation backdrops, and OEM applications (OEM). Our connectors also let you connect and power up to three black-and-white sheets or two color-changing sheets from a single power source without having to solder.


thin led light sheet


Easy to Cut and Set-Up

To get the right size cuts, follow the lines on the sheet. The material can be folded around corners, columns, and other obstacles.

You can make patterns on thin, flexible, light sheets by taking out individual diodes.

There are also RGB/W lights that can be changed between many different colors, white lights that can be changed from cool to warm, and white lights that can be changed from any of the other colors.

It’s easy to put together because it comes with double-sided tape. Also, the spaces between the LEDs on the sheet are big enough to fit nails or screws.

It has good specs and can be used for many different things, making it an excellent modular lighting solution for designers and manufacturers working on various projects.


flexible LED sheets

What can flexible LED light sheets be for?

Thin, bendable LED light sheets can be used for many different things. Signs, backlighting, trade shows, displays, panels, and OEMs all use them (OEM).

You can use the cut lines in either direction to cut these pages to size. Because they are flexible, it is easy to bend them into a corner or wrap them around a cylinder. With the two-sided tape on the back, you don’t need other tools to put it together. There is also enough space between each LED on the sheet so that screws and nails can be used to hold it together.

LED sheets are thin and can be bent, which makes them great for lighting rooms that aren’t square or rectangular. Because you can bend flexible LED sheets, you can use them to make complicated shapes. Both sides of the sheet have cut lines, making it easy to get rid of mistakes. With our adapters, you don’t have to solder the connections between the LED sheets to make them work together.

These Flexible LED sheets can be used for many different things because they can change color temperature, brightness, and white color. Because of this, it can make one-of-a-kind solutions to complex lighting problems for various uses, from decorative accessories and lightboxes to retail signage and displays.

You can cut LED sheets into smaller pieces and shape them differently. They can also be turned off or made brighter. They come with 3M adhesive strips that can be removed, which makes it easy to put them up and take them down. It is easy to set up the power adapters and wires because they click into place.