Light is one of the most important things to consider when making a building, but it is often overlooked; continue reading to discover how you to can implement LED backlit light guide panels. However, lighting is more than just a way to get light; it can also be a work of art that adds a lot to a place’s beauty and aesthetic appeal. You may be asking, “How?” Lighting for buildings is both valuable and pleasant to look at.

Three main things are used in architectural lighting design to amaze people. One is how nice the building looks, which is essential both at home and in a business setting. The second thing to think about is how the space will be used and how to make it as comfortable as possible for people to live, work, relax, function, and play. Finally, buyers need good shelf lighting in a store to see the item and get a sense of its size.

Last but not least, we need to think about energy efficiency. This ensures that light is used and spread in the best, most efficient, and, yes, most cost-effective way possible.



Dimmable and programmable lighting seems to rise, but the backlighting is still a method of architectural lighting that isn’t used as much as it could be. Backlighting is precisely what it sounds like: light coming from behind the shape of an object. When you light something from behind, it stands out against its background, a tabletop, wall, shelf, or even the ground. Backlighting is another clever way to create modern mood lighting without spending a lot of money or time.


LED Backlighting has several advantages

Most of the time, when a trademark is backlit, its effect is amplified by a factor of 10. How does backlighting help achieve this? Studies show structures with internal lighting or backlighting are easier to see from farther away than those with task lighting. This is because interior or backlighting facilities have brighter colors, and structures with task lighting stand out more. In darker places, like a bar top or the product shelves in a store, your backlit frames will stand out like beacons and draw more attention to your display.

Even though we know that backlighting in the right places can get the job done, it is still essential to use the right lights when backlighting a building. Most big companies experimenting with lighting design say that an LED light panel is the best way to light the back of something. So let’s look at the main reasons why using LED light panels as a backlight is a good idea:


Slim and Efficient

In the past, incandescent light bulbs had to be put in large, deep boxes that were part of a building’s lighting system. This problem is no longer a problem because of LED backlit light panels. Most LED lightweight panels are less than 10 mm thick so that designers can fit them into very shallow spaces. When you combine ultra-thin LED panel profiles with the architecture you already have, you can make beautiful things, like bespoke feature walls.


Custom Shapes

Most lighting products are made ahead of time in standard sizes and shapes that work best in only a few different places. LightPanel USA uses a patented method to put LEDs and heat sinks inside acrylic panels. This lets them make panels with any design you can think of. However, outside of the LightPanel USA family of backlighting solutions, few, if any, backlit LED light panels can light up surfaces with odd shapes, which is a need for many modern lighting applications.


A Variety of Colors

Along with the RGB spectrum, LED panels can make various color temperatures. Because the designer can change the panel’s color to better match the brand, these light panels are becoming more and more popular. RGB light panels are great for bars and restaurants because they can be used to backlight bar tops, floors, or walls.



LED light panels are used a lot because they give off such even, good-quality light. In addition, the LED panels from LightPanel USA are made to spread light evenly over the building’s surface, removing shadows and glare.



Some materials, like glass, stone, and thick resin, can be backlit in certain situations. But, most of the time, the light source used to light the back of such large structures is right under them. This is because our LED light panels are clear acrylic that can’t be broken by stress, bending, temperature changes, or either heat or cold.


Temperature Control

In a bar with backlighting, you don’t want customers to be able to touch a warm bar, counter, feature wall, or another piece of architecture. On the other hand, LEDs don’t get as hot as incandescent bulbs, so LED light panels are usually safe to touch.


Simple and Easy Set-Up

Installing unique lights is known for being hard. The easiest choice is to use panels with LED lights. Getting the correct tension for a hanging application while setting it up quickly.


Choices for lighting in the back

Choosing the right product is just as important as choosing the right lighting element to light the back of your building. When so many companies make LED light panels, it can be hard to choose the best one. LightPanel USA has gotten much attention among the many brands selling LED light panels.


To sum up

LED light panels have made backlighting much more reliable, less expensive, and consistently good for the environment. In addition, LightPanel USA LED light panels are an excellent tool for lighting designers and brand architects because they can be used for backlighting in any surface-illuminated application.