LED light panels are one of the most customizable LED lighting options in the world. LED light panels can be used to light up spacious areas, POP displays, retail signage, healthcare lighting, or to add that extra level of special accent lighting to add the perfect touch.

Because LED light panels are ultra-thin, emit minimal heat, and can be cut to any size the applications in which they can be used are unlimited. Let’s now look at 9 reasons why LED light panels are a superior choice for LED lighting.


  1. Completely even-lit and bright

The first and most important reason why LED light panels are today’s most popular form of LED lighting is the ability to generate and distribute ultra-bright consistent lighting that is evenly distributed. When using a LED light panel you will not experience hot spots that are common when using fluorescent or rope lighting.

Lightpanels AIR LED light panels provide a total curtain of light using the laser engraved dot-matrix pattern that is applied across the surface of the acrylic. This matrix is generated using proprietary software and special algorithms that generate the patterns. These patterns act as channels and guide the light across the panel hence the name ‘LED light guide panel’.  


  1. Special designs

With the majority of lighting products, you have limited options when it comes to sizes and shapes. With LED light panels you have full control over the design and shape. Because Lightpanel uses laser cutting machines the light panels acrylic has a crystal clear edge finish which allows for the LEDs to completely shine through the acrylic.

In addition, the shapes can be quickly and precisely cut using the laser machines. This combination of speed, accuracy, and clear finish allows for ultra-bright LED light panels that last longer then the average LED light panel.


  1. Extended life

Traditional fluorescent, light bulbs, and CFL can last from 800 to 1,000 hours. When comparing LED lighting with older lighting technologies you’re looking at a life cycle that is 10X longer. At Lightpanel we use Tier 1 ANSI Binned LEDs that last on average 70,000 hours. This equates to 17+ years at 8 hours a day of usage.


  1. Illumination

Don’t let the size fool you. LEDs produce a tremendous amount of light. Lightpanels 6” x 6” LED light panel sheet generates on average 5000 LUX. When comparing that to typical lighting found in a room you’re looking at the LED light panel being 10X brighter.

Now keep in mind that the brightness of LED light panels vary depending on the LEDs used, the total number of sides that feature LEDs, what kind of acrylic is used, color temperature, and if there is a graphic or material on top of the LED light panel.


  1. Set-up and deployment

From custom lighting projects to basic LED lighting, LED light panels make the installation process easy and efficient. If you’re looking to backlight something merely place the LED light panel under the item. Many times though you will need to aid space in between the item and LED light panel to allow the light to diffuse properly.

In addition, LED light panels can be custom cut to exact specifications and the acrylic depth are available in multiple thicknesses.

If your not sure what you need or have a custom application let us know. We have a nationwide solutions team that will work closely with you on the design, engineering, and installation of LED light panels.


  1. Razor thin

Historically lighting enclosures were bulky in depth. This was because the enclosures utilized bulbs and those bulbs required the proper spacing to allow for even light distribution. With Lightpanels you’re looking at LED light panels with a thickness of only ¼’.


  1. Improved Efficiency

Comparing LEDs with incandescent lighting you are looking at 600% better efficiency. When comparing fluorescent lights with LED you’re looking at LEDs being 80% more efficient. In addition to efficiency LEDs last on average 50,000-70,000 hours.

When combing efficiency with long life you’re going to save some big bucks on both a reduction in energy bills while significantly reducing maintenance costs.


  1. Resilient

The primary material used in a LED light panel is acrylic. Light panel acrylic is impact and weather resistant, crystal clear, lightweight, and does not discolor.


  1. Customizable Colors

LED light panels are available in virtually any color. When it comes to white the most common color temperatures are 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K. If you’re looking to add color RGB LED light panels can be used to get a specific color temperature. If you want to add lighting effects a DMX controller can be used to change the colors.


Seeing is believing!

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