Retail LED lighting is one of the essential components of your brand, image, attracting to new customers and driving sales. By understanding the appeal of your location, who your customers are, and intriguing them into becoming part of your customer base.

How Do You Want Your Store Perceived?

Start with re-evaluating your customer base and the design of your brick and mortar location:

  • Demographics: what kind of customer shops at your store? What is the age group, ethnicity, what is their income? What is your average customer?


  • Stores Layout: when was the last time you remodeled your store? Does the current layout have an older look and feel?


  • Competitors: have new stores come in your market? Do they have a new look and feel that is better appealing to your customer base?


  • Analysis:  How does your customer base relate to the appeal of your store? Does your competition have a new more alluring shopping experience?


Start With Your Retail Store LED Lightings

One of the fastest and most effective ways revitalizing your store is lighting. Retail LED lighting sets the mood, brings out retail display fixtures, and can even save you money.

  • Electrical Savings – with the evolution of light emitting diodes (LED) lights you can save money from the reduced wattage, experience more extended life lighting, and have a brighter lighting system. The money you save from LED lights will quickly pay for itself.


  • Exact Lighting – by using dimmers, sensors, and dimming controls you will have total control of your stores lighting. This allows you to adjust the brightness and colors of the lights easily.


  • Appropriate Lighting – when installing new retail LED lighting take into consideration how the light can potentially travel to other areas of your store, the need to distinct products from backgrounds, and how you will place emphasis and focus on new featured items or sales. Also, make sure you highlight the unique architectural features of your store using retail LED lighting.


Types of Retail LED Lighting

It starts with the type of store you have and the different locations you have within your location. Check-out areas, LED POP displays, fitting rooms, and storage locations require resilient lighting with a combination of LED accent lighting for highlighting featured items.

Bright, vertical and general lighting is typically used for general stores, grocery stores, and warehouses. For specialty and department stores, lower ambient stores work best.  For fashion, jewelry, and boutique stores a combination of low ambient light with accent lighting work well for highlighting high-dollar amount items.

Appeal To Your Market

Savvy retailers understand who their customer is. The proper retail LED lighting appeals to your customer while adequately bringing out your products and facilities strengths. Also, good retail LED lighting will improve your branding, draw customers, and improve sales.

Here’s a quick breakdown of retail LED lighting per customer type:

  • Sale shoppers: basic bright lighting that encourages easy and quick shopping trip
  • Higher ticket shopping: strip lights, downlights, and colored lights to create a rich contrast that brings out product qualities
  • Younger Crowd: bright, eye-catching lighting that are colorful, this highlights the new styles and trends
  • Busy stores: make sure you have window display that shows how busy your stores are

Start With Improving The LED Lighting For Your Retail Displays

Studies have shown that eye-grabbing retail displays are designed to captivate the customer’s attention with the use of accent lighting. Accent lights should feature narrow beams of light that are on average 10-20 brighter than the general lighting. This enables you to showcase new items and sales properly. An excellent retail LED lighting display contains the proper usage of contrast lighting. Females, males, seniors, and the youth are all influenced differently by colors:

  • Males – blue tenors
  • Females – soft pastels, coral, pink, light purple
  • Youth – bright lights, colored mood lights
  • Seniors – soft, warm, white lights.

Choosing Colors For Best Display Charm

The color temperature (CCT) and color rendering and the capacity to features the correct color (CTI) of an item is another incredible way to influence the appeal of a product. For general store lighting, you need to create conditions that allow customers to review products and make a purchasing decision. Accent lighting must work in combination with general lighting that pulls attention and highlights the product’s features.