The point of retail LED point of purchase displays are to attract and bring in customers to your new featured products. To grab the attention of customers, you need something that is visually appealing and eye-catching!

One of the easiest ways to do this is with the proper use of retail led lighting. Think about it. Will you see an item if it is hidden on a shelf that has poor lighting? Probably not. One of the most effective forms of point of purchase displays are POP displays with led light panels.  From bright and vivid colors to ultra white LED light panels are today’s most popular solution for LED Point of purchase display lighting!

Retailers around the world are turning to LED light panels for POP display because:

  • Cut the LED light panels to fit any size and shape
  • The colors can be customized to match a Pantone
  • Brighter and fully controllable lighting with dimmer and timers
  • Ultra-thin at ¼” and the light is 100% evenly distributed
  • Can be used for permanent or temporary POP displays
  • Energy efficient and lasts up to 5-5 years

How can I use LED light panel for POP displays?

POP displays using LED light panels can dramatically enhance the way your product is seen. From being able to evenly light-up an area to adding the perfect layer of backlighting, POP Displays with LED light panels are the perfect solution for illuminating your products. LED light panels are safe for POP displays because they do not generate UV rays that cause colors in inks or dyes to fade. Also, POP displays with LED light panels do not heat up and are the safest way to keep your products easily seen without running up the energy bill because LED light panels are highly energy efficient.

What is a LED light panel?

A LED light panel is laser cut sheet of optical grade acrylic with LED strips light mounts to the edges. The LED strips can be mounted on 1,2, or 4 sides depending on how bright you want the light. On top of the acrylic is a laser engraved dot-matrix pattern that acts as roads, to distribute the light across the acrylic panel. The LED light panels color can be dimmed and set on timers.

Longer life cycles

The average LED light panel lasts between 50,000 – 70,000 hours. This eliminates the need to be replacing light bulbs while saving you money on overall maintenance for your point of purchase LED POP display.

Create the perfect mood with color temperatures

The LED light panel color you choose is vital to how impactful and influential your POP display is. The POP Display’s LED light panel color must add to the overall area lighting while highlighting the products natural colors and textures. It is essential that the products colors are represented correctly in the light. There is nothing like purchasing an item than getting home, and you realize it’s not the color you thought it was!

The beauty of LED light panels is that they come in a variety of color temperatures. From a yellowish white to daylight natural white LED light panels colors can be customized to match your exact lighting requirements. Also, LED light panels are available in RGB allowing you to customize the color to match a specific Pantone. When using RGB LED light panels you can get create with the lighting mood to create a fun and funky POP display. If you not looking for LED light panels for your POP display and only need the LED strip lights to check out LUXX Light Technology.

Reduced heat and save money

Old-fashioned POP lighting generates excess heat. With the extra heat comes product damage, the risk of fires, and not to mention can potentially harm a customer. LED light panels for POP displays produce very little heat due to the built-in heat sinking technology.

When making the upgrade to LED POP Displays, you will also help reduce waste in landfills. Also, the materials used to make a LED light panel are eco-friendly and free of hazardous materials like mercury.


About Lightpanel (USA) Inc

We’ve provided LED light panels for some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies, cellphone stores, retail department stores, and international brands. If you need a standard size and color temperature to  a custom cut and designed LED light panel for you POP display Lightpanel can assist you!

For over 20 years Lightpanel has custom made LED POP Displays. From choosing the perfect color temperature to designing the perfect POP display, Lightpanel is your partner.

With Lightpanel you will see the difference.