custom LED light sheets

LED light sheets flexibility has caused a seismic shift in the lighting business. These sheets are cut and trimmed to suit your needs. Cut lines in both directions on the sheet make it easy to cut out intricate designs.

LEDs on flexible sheets can be connected to illuminate more significant areas. Ultrathin, lightweight, and pliable, these sheets are implanted with LEDs that create abundant light without compromising other desirable qualities.


led sheet panels


LED light sheets technical specifications

  • Spread up to 12,000 lumens of consistent light across the light sheet for the quickest, most productive work.
  • The LED sheets are so flexible, easy to work with, and adaptable that they may be shaped into anything.
  • Slot-in and push-fit connections allow electrical wiring and plugging to be done rapidly and efficiently.
  • Average Lifespan of more than 50,000 hours
  • Perfect for custom backlighting of signs, cabinets, shapes, and logos


flexible led light sheets


What are LED Light Sheets

The thin and flexible LED sheets to light the back of displays such as light boxes, panels, screens, and more. 

LED Sheets are thin, light, and flexible so that they may be trimmed to almost any size or shape. This makes them ideal for lighting up massive, asymmetrical, or sloping objects. In addition, it’s less expensive and easier to set up than comparable solutions because of its plug-and-play compatibility.

The RGB and white temperature modification options of these LED sheets allow them to be utilized to meet a wide range of lighting needs. For example, use creative window displays, advertisements, decorative lighting, and light boxes to compensate for the lack of overhead illumination.



LED light sheets can be bent and shaped to fit a variety of purposes, including but not limited to signs, backlighting, trade shows, presentations, and even OEM uses (OEM). In addition, our connectors make it possible to connect and power up to three monochrome sheets or two RGB sheets from a single power source with no soldering necessary.

cuttable led light sheet

Easy to Cut

Just trim the sheets to size using the preprinted guides. Material is flexible enough to be folded over corners, columns, and other irregular shapes.

Designs can be formed by selectively removing diodes to generate patterns on extremely thin, bendable, and lightweight sheets.

Sheets can be connected in series to illuminate a larger area.

In addition, there are RGB/W lights, which can be switched between different colors, white lights that can be adjusted from cold to warm, and white lights that can be changed from any of the other colors.

The double-sided tape that comes with it makes setting it up a breeze. Further, the LEDs on the sheet are spaced out with openings that are big enough to fit nails or screws.

Its high specifications and adaptability make it an excellent modular lighting solution for designers and manufacturers involved in various projects.


How Can LED Light Sheets Be Used?

Light emitting diode (LED) light sheets that are thin and flexible have several uses. You can find these in various settings, including signage, backlighting, trade shows, displays, panels, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

If you want to cut these sheets down to size, you can follow the printed cut lines in either direction. They can be easily folded into a corner or wrapped around a column or other spherical object. The double-sided tape on the back makes tool-free assembly possible. In addition, a space between each LED on the sheet makes it possible to utilize fasteners like screws and nails.

LED sheets that are both flexible and thin can be shaped to illuminate any space. Intricate patterns may be made with ease with these flexible LED sheets. Cut lines in both directions are on the sheet for clean, easy removal of any snafus. Our adapters let you connect multiple LED sheets directly without soldering, so you can power them from a single source.

The versatility of these LED sheets is substantially increased because their color temperature, intensity, and white color can all be adjusted. As a result, it produces one-of-a-kind solutions to complex lighting difficulties for various uses, from decorative accessories and lightboxes to retail signage and displays.

LED sheets are adaptable due to their malleability, dimability, and slicability. Thanks to the 3M adhesive strips on the back, they can be applied and removed easily. Power adapters and wiring can be snapped into position, making construction a breeze.