flexible LED sheets

Flexible LED sheets are a big deal when it comes to lighting. These sheets are easy to bend and shape to fit any need. In addition, the sheet has cut lines that go in both directions, which makes it easy to cut out odd shapes.

You can connect multiple sheets of flexible LEDs to light up larger areas. These sheets are very thin, light, flexible, and covered with LEDs that give off a lot of light.

Popular Features

  • Provide up to 12,000 lumens of even light across the sheet to help you work as efficiently as possible
  • The LED sheets are bendable, easy to cut, and can be made into many different shapes
  • Electricity is connected with slot-in and push-fit connections that can be wired and plugged in in a few minutes
  • There are optical lens options, a long lifespan (>50,000 hours), a high color rendering index (CRI), a one-year warranty, and it’s easy to keep a premium-quality setup clean
  • Flexible light sheet to evenly light curved objects like columns, point-of-sale displays, wave shapes, and more


cuttable LED light sheets

Not sure what LED Sheets are?

Flex LED Sheets, which are thin and can be bent, are used to light the back of displays like light boxes, panels, screens, and more. They are also called Flex LED Tiles and Flex LED Light Sheets. 

LED Sheets are thin and can be cut into almost any shape. This makes them helpful in lighting big, oddly shaped, or sloped things. In addition, easy plug-and-play connections mean that setting up takes less time and costs less money.

With RGB and white temperature options, these LED sheets come in many different colors and can be used to meet a wide range of lighting needs. Use creative ways to solve lighting problems, from storefront displays and ads to decorative lighting and light boxes.


LED light sheets

Customizable LED Lighting Sheets

Flexible LED light sheets can be used for many things, like signs, backlighting, trade shows, displays, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Our interconnectors let you power and connect three single-color sheets or two RGB sheets from a single source without soldering.


LED sheet lights

Additional advantages

You can cut these sheets to any size or shape by cutting along the lines already there. The material is flexible enough to be folded over corners, columns, and other round shapes.

  • Diodes can be taken out one by one to make different designs on sheets that are very thin, flexible, and light
  • Using a series connection, you can link many sheets together and spread light over a larger area
  • There are RGB/W lights, white lights that can be changed from cold to warm, and white lights that can be tuned

With the double-sided tape that comes with it, it only takes a few seconds to put it on the wall. In addition, there are spaces between each LED on the sheet so that you can use screws or nails.

It is an excellent modular lighting option for designers and manufacturers working on a wide range of projects because of its high specifications and ability to be changed.


Flexible LED Light Sheet

LED Sheet Lighting Can Be Used For

Flexible LED light sheets have a lot of uses because they are thin and can be shaped differently. These uses include signage, backlighting, trade shows, displays, panels, and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). 

Following the printed cut lines in either direction makes cutting these sheets to size easy. They are flexible enough to be folded over corners or wrapped around columns and other round shapes. The double-sided tape on the back makes it easy to put together without any tools. There are spaces between each LED on the sheet, so you can use screws or nails.


LED lights on sheets with a custom backlight

Flexible LED sheets are an excellent choice for lighting in various situations. These LED sheets are easy to bend into complicated shapes. In addition, the sheet has cut lines in both directions, making it easy to cut out odd shapes. Since our interconnectors let you connect directly without soldering, you can power more than one LED sheet from a single source.

Because of their programmable color temperatures (CCT), RGB, RGBW, and tunable white (CCT), these LED sheets can be used for many different things. Make one-of-a-kind solutions to tricky lighting problems in various settings, from retail signage and displays to decorative elements and lightboxes.

LED sheets can be dimmed, cut to size, and bent. They also have 3M adhesive strips on the back, which makes them easy to set up and use. Power adapters and wires that snap into place make it easy to put together.