flexible led sheet lights


Light Emitting Diode (LED) Sheets are fully versatile, bendable, and can be trimmed to your specific size and shape. They can illuminate the back of displays, surfaces, showcases, and other items. In addition to being simple to install, the cuttable LED light sheets can generate a uniformly lit effect. 



RGB LED Light Sheets

Our RGB LED Light Sheet is an innovative lighting solution that allows for greater personalization. The RGB light sheet has a color gamut of over 4.1 billion and an almost infinite number of possible layouts for cutting.

RGB Color Changing Flexible LED Sheets can help solve many lighting problems, such as not having enough light in the back. Before, to light the back, you had to run many LED strips together or set up multiple modules for a single project. Both of these were time-consuming and could cause hotspots.

With these RGB Color LED light sheets, all you have to do to light up the back is cut the sheet to size, put it in place, and turn on the power. There won’t be any dead spots or rows that don’t connect.

Each RGB flexible sheet can be cut into 47 separate LED strips and bent to fit in odd places. By cutting the sheet at strategic points along its length, you can make LED sheets with different shapes that can fit into tighter spaces than a continuous strip.

One source can power four full RGB Light sheets. Using the power supply and cable that comes with the sheet is easy because the connectors are already on the board. In addition, solder pads are conveniently placed on every part of the sheet that can be cut. This makes it easy to connect custom-cut pieces that may not already have a connector.

You can make all kinds of lit displays in a flash, from backlighting and light boxes to backlit stone and accent lighting. The LED sheets can be turned down, bent, and cut to size. They also have 3M adhesive strips on the back, which makes them very easy to use. Power adapters and interconnectors that click into place make installation easy.


CCT led light sheet


CCT Tunable White LED Light Sheets

With the tunable white LED light sheet, you can adjust the color temperature of your current lighting scheme to match the color output of each CCT LED light sheet. This customization and flexible design option make backlighting semi-transparent applications easy and effective.

Flexible CCT LED Light Sheets, for instance, are fantastic for addressing a wide range of lighting concerns, such as backlighting. Running many LED strips in tandem or setting up multiple modules for a single project was once necessary to provide adequate backlighting. However, this was time-consuming and could cause hotspots.

These CCT White LED sheets illuminate the back of a room as simple as cutting, installing, and plugging in. It will be connected entirely, with no empty spaces or disconnected rows. Each flexible sheet’s 288 LEDs are spread out among 36 programmable segments, allowing it to be molded to accommodate unusually shaped rooms. Cutting the sheet at various points along its length creates custom shapes from the LEDs, allowing them to be used in areas where a continuous strip wouldn’t fit.

It’s possible to run six full sheets off a single power source. Because the board already has the connectors attached, all you need to do is plug in the power source and the cable that comes with the board, and you’re ready to go. To facilitate the quick and easy attachment of custom-cut pieces that may not have an onboard connector, solder pads are conveniently incorporated on every cuttable area of the sheet.

With a CRI of 98 or above, all white LED panels meet or exceed industry standards. On a scale from 0 to 100, the Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how accurately colors are displayed. Lights with a higher CRI rating provide more accurate colors. 

When employing LED sheets with a high color rendering index, you can expect the colors of products on shelves to pop, the colors in backlit images to burst forth, and the colors of lit stone, such as onyx and marble, to radiate a warm glow (CRI). With these sheets, your prints will look as good as in real life.

Flexible CCT LED Sheets can be purchased in a wide range of color temperatures, from 2700K to 6000K, making them suitable for various lighting applications. Backlighting, light boxes, backlit stone, and accent lighting are just some of the many lighted displays you can quickly and easily create. The CCT LED sheets are extremely user-friendly because they are dimmable, flexible, easily cut to size, and backed with 3M adhesive strips. Power adapters and interconnectors that snap into place make setup a breeze.


thin led light sheet


Simple and Efficient Backlighting

Flexible LED sheets make it easy to illuminate a wide range of projects. The flexible nature of these LED sheets makes them adaptable to various shapes. Any functional folds made from the LED thin sheet’s cut points are possible in either direction. In addition, our interconnectors make it possible to connect several LED sheets to a single power source and each other without the need for soldering any of the wires or sheets.


custom led light sheets


How Can LED Light Sheets Be Used?

These LED sheets may be programmed and come in a wide range of colors and white temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of lighting applications. Innovative lighting strategies are the answer to illuminating signs and stores.

LED sheets are dimmable, bendable, and can be cut to any size. Thanks to the 3M adhesive strips on the back, they’re simple to set up and use. Putting everything together is a breeze thanks to the included power adapters, and plug-and-play interconnects.

  • Cuttable: a sheet of flexible LED lights can be cut in any way you see fit. You can cut out a group of LEDs or a single
  • Foldable: easily fold your LED sheets to your desired shape without affecting the performance 
  • Connectable: there are convenient plug-and-play adapters on each LED strip sheet, allowing you to quickly and easily link many sheets together
  • Low Power: each LED requires roughly 0.1 watts, and there can be up to 2500 of them per sq.m.
  • Synchronized Backlighting for Close-Quarter Viewing: evenly backlight materials with as little as 9.5mm of separation between them
  • Evenly Bright: the lumen output of a single sheet is up to 2,850 lm, which is more than adequate light
  • Easy-to-implement configurations: customize the flex-led strip sheet to your specifications on the construction site
  • Simple, plug-and-play wiring: to join multiple sheets together, simple plug-in accessories can be used


LED light sheets technical specifications


A Technical Breakdown of LED Light Sheets

Flexible and thin light panels, also known as thin light panels, are often used to illuminate the rear of a product. These bendable light panels can be customized to your specifications, or choose from various stock sizes. Phosphor is sandwiched between two electrodes on the Flexible Light Panel. 

An alternating current (AC) voltage causes a phosphor to emit light by creating a fluctuating field inside the phosphor. The inverters convert the direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) to the proper voltage and frequency for the flexible light panels. Various voltages and frequencies are required for use with multiple panel sizes. 

A larger panel, for instance, necessitates a supply of electricity with greater voltage and frequency. As a result, these ultrathin panels typically consume far less power than traditional lighting methods such as incandescent, neon, and fluorescent.