You’re probably using LED lighting already in your retail store. From recessed LED lighting to LED lights in signage LED lighting has become the industry standard for retail lighting. But have you ever heard of LED light panels?

From RGB light panels for creating that perfect color to delivering crisp and clean white light, LED light panels are the perfect solution for delivering consistent even-lit lighting.

If your looking for a better way to bring out your products while improving the overall lighting conditions of your retail store then LED light panels is your gateway to retail lighting.


1. Complete even-lit illumination

Through the use of laser engraved and cut acrylic panels LED light panels deliver a true curtain of light. This means absolutely no hot spots, dark spots, or shadows.  Add LED light panels to your retail shelves to enhance the overall visibility of products while bringing out the natural color of products.

LED light panels for retail lighting can also be used for accent lighting to make the products and displays stand out demanding attention.


2. Save on maintenance

When comparing incandescent lighting and traditional light bulbs with retail LED light panels you’re looking at 2X the longer the life. LED light panels see on average 50,000 – 70,000 hours of usage while saving you significantly on energy costs. This longer life and reduction in energy usage adds up to long term savings.


3. Minimal heat

Incandescent halogen lights burn at 327 degrees Fahrenheit. All of this extra heat creates additional heat that takes away from shopping experiences while increasing your air conditions costs. WIth LED light panels you’re looking 107 degrees Fahrenheit when being used.

This is 3X less the heat while offering superior lighting conditions for your shoppers not to mention your reducing your air conditioning costs.


4. Easy to control

With LED light panels you can use dimmer to reduce or enhance the brightness to create the perfect lighting environment. Even after the light is adjusted you will still experience even-lit illumination.

About Lightpanel

We manufacture custom LED light panels that comes with a 36-month warranty. All of our product ship within 14 business days from St. Francis, WI and last on average 70,000 hours.

We offer tunable white and RGB LED light panels.

If you’re looking for a sample please fill out our free LED light panel sample form.