RGB LED Light Panels are one of today’s most popular forms of RGB lighting. RGB LED light panels are specially designed to deliver ultra-bright illumination that is 100% evenly distributed.

Because RGB LED light panels are highly energy efficient, can be custom cut to custom specifications, and deliver a long lasting life of 70,000 hours of usage both commercial and residential application are turning to LED light panels to create the perfect ambient. 

  • LEDs use 50% less energy when compared to standard lights
  • Utilize no hazardous lead or mercury making them environmentally friendly
  • LED strips can be added to one, dual or all four sides for maximum brightness
  • Are available in any color temperature and dimmer controls can be added


Color Options

Using a DMX color output controller you can easily adjust the color of RGB LED light panels to meet the exact hue and mood you’re looking to create. This color control allows for maximum flexibility that is consistently radiant.

The ability to change the RGB LED light panels colors allows users to change lighting colors by adjusting the red, green, blue, and white LEDs. An example of this is using the DMX color output to create a crisp white light from the RGB LED light panel, then using the controller you can add a bluish beam to change the rooms lighting for a cozier ambiance.

When it comes to DMX color output controllers you will want to look into the options to select the correct model that best reflects your RGB lighting needs. Some models allow for basic color options while others support virtually any number of color options.


How is a RGB LED Light Panel manufactured?

RGB LED light panels starts with optical grade acrylic. This form of acrylic is extremely durable, impact resistant and is totally translucent allowing for the LEDs to perfectly shine through. To cut the acrylic laser cutting machines are utilized to perfectly cut the panels. When using lasers, the acrylic edges are left with a polished finish that allows for total LED shine through once the LEDs are mounted.

On the edges of the RGB LED light panels, Tier 1 ANSI Binned LEDs get mounted using an aluminum J-Channel. This form of mounting acts as thermal management for the LEDs while adding protection to the LEDs.

Across the surface of the acrylic is a laser engraved dot-matrix pattern. This optimized pattern acts as channels that guide the LED light rays to evenly shine through the panel. This is where the name “RGB Light Guide Panel” comes from.


About Lightpanel (USA) Inc

For over 30+ years Lightpanel has manufactured custom RGB LED light panels. We are the only US-based manufacturer that utilizes laser technologies to produce a brighter in design LED light panel. The final product delivers a fully illuminated glow that is guaranteed even-lit.

Our RGB LED light panels can be used for architectural signage, backlighting, retail lighting, POP signage, or any other environment that requires crisp and controllable lighting.