LED lighting has changed the world of lighting. From enlightening retail stores, illuminating eye-grabbing POP LED displays or adding stylish LED accent lighting you can use LED lighting to improve your retail store dramatically. If you’re looking to bring focus to new products or simply enhance your store lighting, you will need to install LED light panels.

Grab attention using LED product displays

LED light panels are today’s newest and most effective form of product display lighting. Have you ever been to a jewelry store and seen how amazing those diamonds glittered in the light?

Maybe been in a cosmetic makeup aisle that beautifully brought out the natural colors?

Alternatively, maybe you were at a grocery store and couldn’t resist the fresh fruit? Well behind all of this are LED strip lights.

Take your retail LED display lighting to the next level

LED light panels can be custom manufactured to your exact specifications. LED light panels are ultra-thin, can be custom cut to any size or shape and be utilized for virtually any application. LED light guide panels are available in any color temperature ranging from cool white to tunable whites to RGB.

LGP’s are eco-friendly and do not contain hazardous materials that traditional lighting comes with. LED light panels are also highly efficient and do not require large quantities of power to operate.

In addition, LED light panels do not generate high-level heat due to the built-in heat sink that absorbs and dissipates the heat. LED light panels are cool and safe to touch while still offering total even-lit illumination.

How does a LED light panel work?

It starts with being even-lit. By using optical grade acrylic and laser machines to cut the acrylic, you will have a translucent material to transmit the LED lighting through. To improve the way the light is distributed, a dot-matrix is laser engraved on top of the LED light panels surface.

This dot-matrix takes the LED lighting and evenly spread’s it through the entire LED light panel. Moreover, lastly, the lighting comes from Tier 1 ANSI binned LED’s that are mounted on the acrylics edge.

How to save money using LED light panels

LED light panels are known for low energy use and their long life. The average LED light panel lasts 50,000 hours without ever having to worry about burn out or replacement. When switching to LED light panels, you can experience a reduction in energy costs while reducing your overall maintenance costs.

About Lightpanel (USA) Inc

We’ve provided LED light panels for some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies, cellphone stores, retail department stores, and international brands. If you need a standard size and color temperature to a custom cut and designed LED light panel for your POP display Lightpanel can assist you!

For over 20 years Lightpanel has custom made retail LED light panels. From choosing the perfect color temperature to designing the perfect POP LED light panel display, Lightpanel is your partner.

With Lightpanel you will see the difference.