Heat Management

Depending on your LED strip mounting specifications you can choose from J-Chanel, Crystal or Taped finish. With the Lightpanel AIR ColorWheel and Tunable White, you can choose from two finish options that both utilize integrated thermal management.


Because aluminum acts as a natural heat absorbent the J-Channel finish provides maximum thermal management which extends the life of your LEDs.

Also, the J-Channel offers a secure foundation for fixing the LED tapes, diffusion and reflection films to the LED light panel system.

J Channel LED Light Guide Panel
Crystal Light Panel


Yes, an embedded LED finish has “high adaptability,” however heat management is a significant concern. Embedding LEDs directly inside of the acrylic LGP panel creates two issues:

  • A crystal finish utilizes a much smaller in size aluminum extrusion thus reducing the heat management that aluminum provides.
  • The space inside of the acrylic where the LEDs are mounted is limited and can quickly heat up.
  • This combination of added heat and a smaller aluminum extrusion for heat management is not as cost-efficient and can shorten the life of your LEDs.

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