LED light panels Superior
Brighter LED’s with By using UL Listed Tier 1 ANSI Binned
LED Strips and offering the industry’s best
heat management options our light guide
panels deliver the highest quality luminosity,
best light consistency, and last longer

Flexible LED Options With the Lightpanel Air, you can control the brightness of the LED light guide panel by choosing LED strips to one side, to
two sides or all four sides. When pairing the LEDs strips with our laser engraved dot patterns, you will experience a
guaranteed total lighting radiance.
LEDs on one side For LED Light Panels under 14” (355mm) we recommend using one LED strip.
This will ensure a well-lit light guide panel that is not over bright while
eliminating the slight drop off associated with larger panels.
LEDs on two sides For LED light guide panels larger than 14” (355mm), we recommend adding a
LED strip to two opposing sides of the light guide panel.
LEDs on four sides For LED light panels larger than 36” (914mm) or LGPs that are square or near
square in shape, we recommend adding LEDs to all four sides.

Heat Management

Depending on your LED strip mounting specifications you can choose from J-Chanel, Crystal or Taped finish. With the Lightpanel AIR ColorWheel and Tunable White, you can choose from two finish options that both utilize integrated thermal management.


Because aluminum acts as a natural heat absorbent the J-Channel finish provides maximum thermal management which extends the life of your LEDs.

Also, the J-Channel offers a secure foundation for fixing the LED tapes, diffusion and reflection films to the LED light panel system.

J Channel LED Light Guide Panel
Crystal Light Panel


Yes, an embedded LED finish has “high adaptability,” however heat management is a significant concern. Embedding LEDs directly inside of the acrylic LGP panel creates two issues:

  • A crystal finish utilizes a much smaller in size aluminum extrusion thus reducing the heat management that aluminum provides.
  • The space inside of the acrylic where the LEDs are mounted is limited and can quickly heat up.
  • This combination of added heat and a smaller aluminum extrusion for heat management is not as cost-efficient and can shorten the life of your LEDs.

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