Cut to any size or shape
Dependable light guide panels
Precise laser machines
Clean cut acrylic
No LED contamination


Can meticulously cut any shape or size and engrave any pattern


Special LGP laser software for optimized dot-matrix patterns


Integrated automated digital control production processing and QC


Pin-point accuracy that is 10X faster then Sawing and Silk Screening

Contactless Cutting

Leaves transparent polished edges for total LED shine through

Grid Vacuum

Eliminates all chipping, dust, and fumes for zero contamination

Accurate Every Time!

Our proprietary LED light panel software and laser machines enable us to have full targeted control over:

  • Pattern style
  • Spacing
  • Size
  • Dot depth  

A Proven Process

We first create an arrangement of precise dot patterns that are laser etched towards the edge of the panel closer to the led strips. As you move further from the LED light source, the distance of the dot pattern gradually becomes more narrowly spaced creating an even distribution of light. These patterns act as “channels” helping to distribute the spread of light evenly across the entire LED light panel.

This approach towards creating dot matrix diffusion patterns guarantees a 100% even-lit illumination across every Lightpanel AIR LED light panels.

Perfect Light Diffusion Patterns

Lightpanel is the only US manufacturer that uses laser’s and proprietary software to create a fully enhanced dot-matrix LED light panel pattern

Process Laser CNC V-Cutting Silk Screen
Pattern type Dots or Lines Lines Dots
Pattern quality Best Good Poor
Pattern optimization Custom Limited Limited
Light distribution 100% 80% 60%-70%
Lead times 1-2 weeks 2-4 weeks 2-4 weeks
Takeaways Ultra bright, fully even lit Bright, close to even lit Moderate brightness, semi even lit

Advanced Laser Cutting

As opposed to competitors, LIGHTPANEL uses laser machines for ultra-fast precise cutting. This enables, the LED light to clearly shine through the light guide panels. 

Technology Comparison LIGHTPANEL Competitor A Competitor B
Cutting machine Laser Sawing Miling
Cut quality Best Poor Good
Cutting speed Precise Moderate Moderate
Cutting flexibility Fast and accurately repeatable Moderate, requires steps for set-up Moderate
Cutting fine details / radius-free inner contours Yes No Conditional
Edge quality Transparent polished edges Rough edges Rough edges
LED light contamination None Chippings & dust Chippings
Material damage/breakage Contactless Mechanical stress Mechanical stress


White LED Light Panels


The Lightpanel AIR Classic are super slim LED Light Panels at ¼” in overall thickness, available in Cool White 6500K, come in 7 standard sizes, and ship as a ready to use system!

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RGB LED Light Guide Panel

RBG LED Light Panels


The Lightpanel AIR ColorWheel are a fully customizable series of color changing LED light panels offering lighting designers the ability to adjust colors to match your  Pantone.

CT LED Light Guide Panels

CT LED Light Panels

Tunable White

The Lightpanel AIR Tunable White LED Light Panel are customizable, ultra bright, super thin, and available in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6500K color temperatures.


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