Also known as LED light guide panels, LED light panels are one of today’s newest and most innovative forms of LED lighting. From ceiling LED light panels that are commonly found in offices to custom cut and designed LED light panels that are used for accent lighting, LED light panels can be used for virtually any application and the advantages are endless.

Benefits of using a LED light panel include:

  • Longer life – the average LED light panel lasts for over 50,000 hours
  • Even – light smoothly travels across the entire panel for total illumination
  • Energy efficient – LEDs require 3X less the amount of energy vs incandescent lighting
  • Colors – choose from white color temperatures 3000K-6500K all the way up to any color
  • Adjustable – add dimmers, timmers, and lighting controls for complete color command
  • Sizes – from simple 2’x2’ to custom sizes LED light panels can be cut to any shape or size

Why are LED light panels so bright?

Beware. Not all LED light panels are “super bright”. Many times companies use fancy marketing terms to attract new customers but fail to deliver quality products. To make a LED light panel that is fully illuminated and even-lit it comes down to the materials used and the manufacturing process.

The most common manufacturing process involves a plotter for cutting and engraving of the LED light panels. This form of machinery delivers mediocre results because when the acrylic is cut and engraved chips and other contaminants are left within the acrylic.

Yes, it may sound minor but all of the left of acrylic chippings distort the LED light rays from fully shining through the acrylic. This takes away from brightness and evenness.

What is a LED light panel?

LED light panels consist of three primary components acrylic panel, LED strips, and an aluminum J-channel. Ultra-bright, evenly lit LED light panels that are evenly lit are most usually laser cut and engraved using advanced laser machines.

When using laser machines you are left with crystal clear cut acrylic edges that allow for the LED light to shine through without any distortion. For acrylic, it’s best to use optical grade acrylic. This form of acrylic is fully transparent, shatterproof, and does not discolor allowing for LED light to beautifully illuminate through.


LED light panels can be custom cut to any size and are available in any color but before making a final purchasing decision make sure you see a sample. All to often companies put together fancy websites while overpromising on quality.

At Lightpanel we only use the best materials and follow a proven manufacturing process that involves laser machines and the good old fashion attention to detail.

See the quality for your self and order a free sample today.