LED light boxes also known as snap frames or LED edge snap frames in hight traffic locations bring an entirely new dimension to a enviornments atmosphere. By taking a strategic approach to how you deploy LED light boxes, you will save money while creating the perfect operation for on-premise communications and advertising. 

Let’s now look at the critical 7 advantages of lightboxes vs. non-backlit signage.

1. Highly Visible

It starts with superior contrast. When shopping, your eyes take attention to well lit and visible items. LED back-light signage offers the perfect solution for highlighting on-demand information and advertising. When reviewing where to use LED light boxes, look at your store layout and identify what messages you feel need to be seen. 

When Lightboxes are deployed evenly throughout the store, you will have a beautifully and visually engaging store that perfectly guides the shopper throughout your store each department. Product introductions, new sale items, and adding that extra touch of accent lighting are ways you can use LED lightboxes.

2. Product Enhancement

Because LED lights are used for back-lighting lightboxes, product images will accurately be displayed in the right color depth and texture. This brings out product qualities, thus improving the product’s appeal.  When printing out your graphics, make sure to print on duratrans back-lit film. This allows increased color saturation, contrast, and detail. In other words, the product’s image will be irresistible.

3. Enhanced Area Lighting

With back-lit lightboxes, you can dramatically change the lighting conditions to match the mood you’re looking to create. Many times LED light boxes are used to create a brighter more daylight white appearance that enhances the overall mood of the shopper.

In conjunction with improving the overall lighting ambiance mix essential store communications into the lightboxes graphics that inform customers on your new loyalty programs or product announcements.

Another widespread use of LED lightboxes is replacing some of the area lightings with ultra-bright lightboxes. This will allow to illuminate a space with the exact color temperature evenly. For this, you will need to speak with the lightbox manufacturer to determine what size and type of LED light used for this specific lightbox. 

4. Drive Sales Through Emotional Connection

How many times have you a stunning image of a new product that created that ‘must-have’ feeling? LED light boxes do just that. Because the graphic is back-lit, the overall graphic stands out due to the vivid lighting that brings out the attributes of the products in life like a manner. Colors are fully visible, allowing for customers to see the product while reading sale prices and product information. 

5. High Traffic Locations

Add LED light boxes in areas which customers pass by such as store window or your lobby are great areas that you can bring awareness to your store, products, and sales. This strategy can bring in new customers while letting the world know that your store exists. 

The messaging displayed should be around creating intrigue. If you plan on installing lightboxes outside take into considering that the light boxes need to be engineered to withstand the elements.

6. Improve Product Placements

If you are looking to use lightboxes to emphasize new products try using a combination of product images with text describing features and benefits. This will draw-in shoppers. In the vicinity, you can add LED light boxes that spotlight products that compliment the other items being displayed on the other lightboxes. 

7. Enhance Store Communications

For non-product related light boxes promote upcoming sales, highlight other departments and upsell services that customers may not be aware of. Make sure the overall communications are written in the sense of informing customers, not hard selling.

6500k led light panel

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