Everything you need to know about SEG Frames

SEG Frames are short for silicone edge graphics that consist stretchable fabric prints that are mounted into the alluminum frame. A thin silicone beeding is sewn into the edge of the graphic and can be beutifully inserted with tension into the frames grove channel perimeter Using a state of the art direct dye sublimation printing process, SEG Frame graphics are able be displayed a high definition of color and clarity.

     SEG frames

SEG frame graphics are specially designed with a silicone being sewn into the edge of a graphic that tucks into the channel of the frame. The lightweight frames and light boxes are created with a sturdy aluminum frame. A simple connector system allows for an ease of assembling and dismantling. By inserting the silicone beading into the recessed groove of the SEG frames fabric framing system is simple and usually doesn’t require professional installation services.

When assembled, SEG frames offers a modern frameless look that is clean and modern. When using a LED back-lit SEG frame your graphics will jump out and be easily visibile due to the back-lit illumination of the LEDs.

When it comes to shipping the SEG frames your in luck. SEG frames can be shipped un-assembled and takes only minues to puttogether. The SEG graphics, are leightweight and can be easily folded into a small box for shipping. This saves you money on shipping, reduces storage space, and makes for easy delivery and set-up of signage.

SEG frames have quickly replaced printed signage, and have quickly become the go-to solution for large scale signage due to the simplicity of set-up and shipping. 

Silicone edge graphics and SEG frames are available in virtually any size and can be wall mounted, double sided ceilings suspended, backlit or freestanding with support feet to serve as a photo backdrop for events and tradeshows. SEG frames can be made in black, white or silver finishes.

SEG frames can be used to match the look and feel of their surroundings printed and fabricated in any size. The benefits of choosing SEG frames for your next large scale signage application is an easy choice.

LIGHTPANEL (USA) Inc is a US based manufactuer of LED back-lit SEG frames. The LEDs are light up using laser cut and engraved light guide panels that deliver total illumination that is perfectly even with hot spots or shadows.  

We offer both custom and standard sizes and our proud to say we have the worlds thinnest in depth SEG frame that is only .61″. When mounted to the wall, the SEG frame is virutally flush offering a sleek and modern appeal. 

6500k led light panel

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