SEG Frames have become the industry go-to for in-store signage. Every day, SEG frames are replacing traditional direct printed substrates for large signage applications and events by premium brands and retailers. 

SEG frames are available in virtually any size and can be wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling or freestanding floor mounted to serve as a photo backdrop for events, trade shows, sports arenas, offices, retail and commercial signage.

    • Perfect for large-format signage: fabric graphics are easier to store, ship, and manage
    • Visually stunning: provides a clean and modern look and feel at only .61” in depth
    • Superior colors: using direct dye sublimation printing display high definition graphics
    • Save time: swap out graphics within minutes using the sewn-in silicone gasket beading

A new form of signage

With SEG frames by LIGHTPANEL (USA) Inc, you can beautifully display your graphics in high definition of color and clarity. SEG frames, short for silicone edged graphics, are made of aluminum extrusions that feature, stretchable fabric printed graphics that can be easily swapped out using the pull-out silicon tab. SEG frames are created with sturdy lightweight aluminum extrusions and feature a simple connector system allowing for ease of assembling and dismantling of the SEG frame.

Completely light-up 

When illuminated the fabric graphics will vividly light-up due to the back-lit LED light panel. The light guide panel features long-lasting tier 1 LEDs that are mounted on the edge of the laser cut and etched panel. The visual appearance of your graphics will be perfectly lightened up without warm or cold spots.

The finished result is an upscale frameless appearance for the fabric is stretched taut to rival the appearance of rigid substrate signage, without the hassle. The convenience of foldable graphics and collapsible frames reduce the risk of damage during shipping while saving money on transportation and storage space. 

Change out your graphics within minutes!

The SEG frame graphics can be easily changed out using specially designed edge embed silicone that is sewn directly into the edge of the fabrics graphic that neatly tucks into the SEG frame aluminum channel. The fabric graphic fits with tension into a groove around the perimeter of the SEG frame system.  Inserting the silicone beading into the recessed groove of the SEG frame is simple.

Doesn’t require professional installation services

Start by inserting the silicone edge groove of the frame into the top corner of the SEG frame. Then insert the middle and work you’re out to the corners inserting the silicone strip into the channel of the SEG frame. Then insert the bottom corners of the graphic on the corner sides of the SEG frame. 

Then do the middle of the remaining three sides working your way out to the corners. After you fit the last section of the fabric into the SEG frames groove, slide your thumb along the edge, the fabric on the frame to smooth away any wrinkles or bumps. If you have any wrinkles, remove that section and reinsert.

  • Don’t install the graphics one side at a time
  • Don’t stretch the silicone
  • Push in and work your way out
6500k led light panel

Let’s Collaborate

From pricing to desiging a custom SEG frame around your exact specifications we are here to assist you!

  • We offer same day quotes
  • Custom SEG frames available
  • OEM and wholesale pricing
  • Application design support
  • Ships from St. Francis, WI
  • 2 Year Warranty
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